The following keywords demonstrate skills and technologies that we are very strong in. We are also continuously learning new technologies to keep up with the changing world and the wishes of our clients, so if the technology you are interested is not on this list, do not hesitate to contact us nevertheless!

Linux (General Skills)

– Debian
– RedHat
– Ubuntu
– CentOS
– Linux Kernel (optimizing, custom solutions, embedded systems)​


– ISP Networking (BGP, RADIUS)​
– Firewalls (Routing, NAT, VLANs, DHCP)​
– Networking devices (mainly Cisco, Dell, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti)​
– VPN (OpenVPN, IPSec, Strongswan)​​​​​


– Virtualization (KVM, VMWare, Xen)​
– Storage solutions (DRBD, CEPH)​
– iSCSI, LAN/WAN attached storage​
– Docker​
– Private Cloud​
– Amazon, Azure, Google systems​

E-mail Servers

– Postfix, Exim​
– courier, dovecot​
– Zimbra​
– Mailman
– Amavis, Clamd, Spamassassin, etc​


– Apache, nginx​
– Varnish, Memcached​
– Hosting panels (CPanel, DirectAdmin, etc)​
– RoR Deployment (Unicorn, thin, puma, etc.)​
– Magento v1 & v2 optimizing​​
– WordPress


– PostgreSQL (administrating and optimizing)​
– MySQL (administrating and optimizing)​
– Oracle, SQLite​
– Redis

Various Other Skills

– Monitoring (Nagios, SNMP)
– Samba (SMB/CIFS)​
– VOIP (Asterisk, MOR)​
– HansaWorld ERP​
– Terminal-Server solutions​

Software Development

– Scripting skills (Bash, sed, awk, Ruby, Perl)​
– Source Control (SVN, Mercurial, CVS, Git)​
– Ruby, Ruby on Rails​
– C, C++​

Server Hardware

– Server hosting​
– Backups from hard drive​
– Cable works​
– Server hardware works​