Linux Server Maintenance

Who can access the data on your server? When were the last security updates made? Who is responsible if something is broken? Has the data been properly backed up?

If you would rather not worry about these questions, our team of Linux admins would happily take all of your servers under their care! We have wide range of skills and 15+ years of experience.

Server maintenance is like insurance: for a fixed monthly fee, you can prevent unexpected large expenses.

So what exactly do we do? See the technical details of Linux Maintenance (PDF)



With maintenance service, the server is monitored by our specialists 24/7.


You will always have someone to turn to with any questions or issues.

Predictable Expenses​

All work necessary for server maintenance will be done for a fixed monthly fee.

Fast Response​

We guarantee that we will respond to issues and queries within the required time frame.


There is no need to “put out fires”. We will fix issues before they escalate.


We consider the big picture: will the systems also be working tomorrow or next year?


All the solutions on the server are properly documented and standardized.


A special price for regular customers for all additional services.